Full-Service Event Management

While you and your team concentrate on the key objectives of your event, let us use our specialized expertise, event industry resources, and proven processes to make sure everything goes to plan. From building and maintaining your event website to negotiating the contracts to handling the registration process and more, hand your checklist over to us.


The event timeline and project management process are the bedrock of all successful events. But we don't kick off our campaigns addressing the who, what, when or where. We start with why. By clearly outlining your goals and objectives, we design a customized experience and develop a complete timeline that is tailored exclusively for your audience.


At Show Day Productions, our goal is to anticipate your needs and exceed your expectations time and time again. We have a veteran team of event professionals with decades of experience producing executive-level events. All of our guests are treated as VIPs and receive a consistent level of service from our team and our partners.


An event is not over once the last guest checks out. Throughout the event campaign an enormous amount of valuable data is collected about each attendee, from demographics, to personal preferences, to buyer behavior. We package all of this in an easy-to-read summary report that clearly demonstrates your ROI.

Event Production

We own and operate all of the audio/visual equipment you need to produce a first-class event. Avoid the headaches and unnecessary costs associated with in-house AV companies. We bring your vision to life at a fraction of the cost of any traditional production company.

Technology package

Most traditional AV companies work off pricing sheets that quote nearly what it would cost you to purchase the equipment, and then tack on outrageous service fees. At Show Day Productions we don't believe in the used car sales approach. We have assembled a technology package that includes everything your small to mid-size meeting will need to produce a professional event. For larger events over 350 attendees, we coordinate all of the details and leverage our existing partnerships to offer exclusive discount pricing.


Live video streaming

One of the most requested services today is live streaming. Don't limit your audience to only those in the room. Extend the reach of your message by broadcasting your live event online. We've seen as much as a 500% increase in engagement through live video broadcasts. All video streaming packages include a recorded version that can be used for archival access on your website. The recordings also can be edited into short clips for future marketing and social media promotions. Events are content factories. Leverage them to their full potential.

Consulting Services

Is your events and/or marketing team(s) overwhelmed by all the moving parts of your customer-facing or internal events? Let us help fill the gaps and make sure your next event is a success. Simply choose what you need from our menu of services so your team can focus on the strategy, not the logistics.


  • Site selection
  • Contract negotiation
  • Program development
  • Speaker recruitment
  • Talent buying
  • Planning timeline
  • Project management
  • Online registration
  • Website development
  • Marketing campaign (print, email, social, video, digital/social ads).
  • Housing management 



  • Room specs
  • F&B management
  • AV/show production
  • Set design
  • Onsite registration
  • Event staffing
  • Video recording
  • Live streaming/webcasting
  • Mobile app development
  • Event signage
  • Branding materials/collateral
  • Audience engagement/live polling


  • Attendee surveys
  • Session evaluations
  • Financial analysis
  • Marketing reports
  • Website analytics